Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Force Awakens stag

Finally caught up with The Force Awakens.

Two hours of nods, homage, and torch passing.

A masterful reset to Team Rodent's newest cash cow franchise.

TR is putting Abram's name on everything

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Elizabethulhu Resources

I've clean up the folder, these are the four files I used the most. Tons of material left. I'll add more as I edit through it.

Uncounted Worlds has stress, as opposed to fright, rules I was hoping to adapt.

Now that I think of it I could have parked these files at the WEG-D6 Yahoo Group.

But then I wouldn't have had to figure out the Drive app on my tablet.

Mini Six Extra Effort

Using Mini Six

Running mostly one-offs has me modifying spell use.

Spells are Wit skills and Wit is boosted by Fatigue. A die of Fatigue is taken by removing a pip from Strength, thus the penalty is immediate. The boost lasts for the single spell casting. Character points or Hero points can restore Strength *after* the combat/contest.

I haven't used it for anything else but I think the trade off could work increasing Soak or another variation of Extra Effort.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Labor Day Countdown

This coming Labor Day will mark a full decade of no regular group gaming. I think I should finally give up trying. I've said this before, I know.

I wish I had someone to give what few books I have. The classic D&D books carry sentimental value and are worth a couple buck to boot.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Back Among the Undead

. With Marty and Quinn away for the summer, the group has been playing three handed games. We dropped Sketch in favor of Risus and 5X5. mostly dungeon crawls and supernatural pulp.

In honor of Fear the Walking Dead, we've gone from Highway from Hell to the urban setting Hot Child in the City. I'm happy to say that Mini Six is the mechanic of choice. Crunchy combat is a fan favorite.

The hastily assemble encounter tables need reworking - outside of that - only a few major questions remain unanswered.

They didn't like that it was 'learn as you go' for combat skill, and PCs were on a slower learning curve about the undead.

The tyranny of zombie mathematics is best summed up by Spike in Fool for Love.

And we just keep coming. Like a
wave of roaches, and here you are
doing a minute waltz, trying to stomp
us all. But you can kill a hundred.
A thousand. A thousand thousand
and the armies of Hell besides. But
all we need...

...Is for one of us, just one,
sooner or later, to have the
thing we all are hoping for.

And that would be what?

One. Good. Day

Sunday, September 6, 2015

TV Log

It may be time to start a TV log again. Standing vigil at David's mental collapse has me bummed out.

My last therapist believed that too much passive TV watching was the equivalent of downing a steady stream of Valium.

Three house rules:

If I'm not engaged in watching, turn the TV off or put in a disc.

Do not watch an edited for TV movie I have on disc.

Surf once around the horn then stop.

Right now I'm watching Cars, I might switch to The History Channel's Jesus: the Lost 40 Days.

The main idea is to be aware.

On the gaming front, Steven Edward and I are heading to the big city zombie apocalyose, as soon as make up tables for urban encounters.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

TRW has been an unremitting grind. I'm constantly tired and short tempered.

Three Handed Risus has been going well.

Can't think of anything to say.